Heating Services

Boiler Installation & Repair

Is your furnace over 15 years old? Is it needing frequent repairs? Or is it simply not providing the same comfort and warmth as before? A yes to any of these questions means it’s time to replace or install a new furnace in your home. Get in touch with Air & Water Solutions to ensure proper furnace installation in Fairfield County or nearby.

Complete Oil to Gas Conversions

Do you have an old Oil Furnace in your new home? Air & Water Solutions can remove your old furnace and convert your furnace to Natural Gas or propane. Proven to be more efficient and less maintenance it is a good solution for your energy needs.

Geo Thermal Installations

Do you need state of the art Geo Thermal to ride out this energy storm we are in. Call Air & Water solutions to learn more about GEO-thermal and its incredible energy savings.

Furnace Repair or Installation

There are several types of furnaces available, such as an upflow furnace, horizontal flow furnace, and downflow furnace. Air & Water solutions understands the components to each system which allows us to safely and quickly provide homeowners with expert furnace services in Fairfield County, and the surrounding areas.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are an excellent HVAC option for New England homes, offering a solution for both heating and cooling without the need for air ducts.

Replacement Equipment

Air & Water Solutions can provide you with some of the best brand names in Fairfield County including Carrier, Air Temp, Lenox and many more.

Service Contracts

Want the security of knowing Air & Water Solutions is always ready to take care of any HVAC issue in your home? Our highly trained and professional Technicians will get you back up and running in no time.



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