Plumbing Services

New construction

Building a new house, or doing a re-model? Call Air & Water Solutions to install and professionally fit all of your new bathroom fixtures.

Water Heaters

Do you need a new water heater or need your old water heater repaired? Since 2006, Air & Water Solutions has been getting customers into Hot Water! Our service professionals will ensure that you have hot water when you need it, especially during the ice-cold Connecticut winters. We provide water heater repair, installations, and regular check-ups to keep you in Hot Water.

Kitchen & Bathroom Faucet Installations

Has the time come to replace your old, outdated faucet? There are several reasons you may want to replace a faucet, including wanting to inject new life into the space, wanting to improve water efficiency, or wanting to add new technology like touchless on/off functionality or easier temperature adjustment. Here at Air & Water Solutions we’ll help you install your new faucets with precision.

Air Filtration & Water Purification

Removing airborne pollutants in the air in your home and the water that comes through your pipes is a vital part of your everyday health. Most people don’t tend to think about the bacteria that may be in their water supply or the viruses that could be floating in the air, both of which could cause serious consequences to your health. Air & Water Solutions can help with this. There is a wide variety of great products on the market today, many of which are extremely effective and affordable on nearly any budget.



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